I haven't got NREGA wage from 2010, Officials threaten me when I ask for it...

Punaram from Dandkila village Gokul Panchayat Bikaner district Rajasthan says his NREGA payments are due from 2010. He alleges local officials have taken away money after false signature (card no124/9951370). When he visits them the say he can do whatever he wants and no harm can be done to them. There are more who have been cheated by them. Pls call officers at 9414324662/9530302856 /9530302876/9001465783.PunaramJi@9680607963

Posted on: May 03, 2014. Tags: NREGA PUNARAM BIKANER

Worked in NREGA, Some people took my wage away with forged signature...

Punaram s/o Vansaram caste Jat village Dandkalar panchayat Gokul tahsil Kolayat district Bikaner Rajasthan says he worked under NREGA in 2011 and have not been paid. Recently he found out that two have fraudulently taken the wages after forged signature. He says they have similarly cheated more people.He requests us to call Collector at 01512226032 and get those people punished. For more Punaram Ji is at 9680607963

Posted on: Jan 31, 2014. Tags: NREGA PUNARAM BIKANER

Officials say target for ration cards is achieved so we wont get cheap grain!

My name is Punaram. I am calling from village Dankala Gram Panchayat Gokul Tahsil Kolayat district Bikaner Rajasthan. My Above Poverty Line ration card no is 00293. According to new Govt rule if I get a stamp from local officials then I can get wheat at Rs 2 but the official says the target is achieved so he will not stamp any more cards. Does Govt has a quota on ration cards? Pls help us. The number for local official is 9414324741. Punaram Ji is at 9784324206

Posted on: Jan 25, 2014. Tags: FOOD PUNARAM RATION CARD

Real Gods are sun, food, air, water and fire who are givers

The real god is one who gives without asking for return or payments, the rest are god men.

Posted on: Nov 04, 2011. Tags: FOOD PUNARAM WATER

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