दो साल से 27 किसानो ने विद्युत कनेक्शन के लिए आवेदन दिए लेकिन कोई सुनवाई नहीं हो रही है...

ग्राम-माठी कचार, पंचायत-डाहीबहरा, पोस्ट-झारको, थाना-गौरेला, जिला-बिलासपुर (छत्तीसगढ़) से अशोक सिंह धुर्वे बता रहे है कि विद्युत् पम्प के कनेक्शन के लिए 27 किसानो ने आवेदन दो साल हो चुका है और उन लोगो से जितनी भी राशि मांगे वे समय पर दिए. पता करने जाते है तो बोलते है अब नियम बदल गए है | बिजली नहीं लगेगी सौर उर्जा लगेगी तो उनका कहना है कि सौर उर्जा नहीं चाहिए क्योंकि सौर उर्जा चलाने के लिए लगभग 10 हजार खर्च आता है और वे गरीब लोग है इतना पैसे नहीं दे सकते | तो उनकी मांग है कि बिजली कनेक्शन ही चाहिए और उन्होंने जो आवेदन दिए वे स्वीकार करे और जल्द से जल्द लाभ पहुँचाने में मदद करें: विद्युत् विभाग@9753629567. अशोक सिंह धुर्वे@8225961536.


Mr Gond is living on forest land from 1960 but no land deed yet!

Ashok Singh Paigam from Singrauli district of Madhya Pradesh is telling us the story of Kohram Say Gond an adivasi who is living on a forest land from 1960s. He has paid fines to forest department all these years. According to Forest Rights Act he should be getting the land deed but not only the officials ill treat him whenever he requests for the same, the forest department has burnt his house quite a few times. He requests us to help Mr Gond and many similar adivasis who have not got their legal rights. For more Paigam Ji can be reached at 09893827032

Posted on: Jul 03, 2012. Tags: ASHOK SINGH PAIGAM FOREST LAND

Expelling French nationals is an insult to culture of Bihar

Ashok Singh from Ekta Parishad is telling us today from Patna that Govt’s decision to expel 8 French nationals who came to witness the yatra is an insult to the culture of Bihar. The French nationals had come to see the workplace of Gandhi, Vinoba and Jayprakhash. He also talks to a farmer who tells him that govt is taking away their land for a beer factory without any consultation with them and now they have decided that they will give their lives but will not give land. For more Ashok Ji can be reached at 09971482999

Posted on: Apr 26, 2012. Tags: Ashok Singh

Jan Satyagrah demanding land rights looking for your help

Ashok Kumar Singh from Ekta Parishad is telling us that Jan Satyagrah Samvad yatra a national rally which started on 2nd Oct 2011 has now reached Bihar after covering 11 states. The Yatra demading land rights for poor will continue for another 7 months and if the demands are not met by then 100,000 people will start a foot march to Delhi. You are requested to speak to Govt of India to make poor friendly land laws so that these people need not embark on the yatra to be started from 2nd Oct 2012. For more Ashok Ji can be reached at 09971482999

Posted on: Apr 13, 2012. Tags: ASHOK SINGH LAND