Migrant laborers will get missed out in new BPL survey

Rajeev Sagaria from Bolangir in Odisha says according to a study 20 lakh people migrate to other states in search of work after Dashehra. They mainly go to Andhra, Gujarat or Bengal. And this is the time when Govt is planning to have a new BPL survey which will miss to count these people if the survey. May be Govt should count them in these states as all of these people are poor who should be counted. For more Rajeev ji can be reached at 09926444811

Posted on: Oct 23, 2011. Tags: Rajeev Sagaria

A Dalit widow is not getting job beacuse of her caste!

Rajeev Sagaria is telling us about a Dalit widow Pirabai who is not getting a job because of her caste. District Magistrate of Bolangir gave a written order on 6th Oct 2010 to give a job of assistant in Anganwadi to Peerabai but there is no implementation of the order after a year. Many officials have offered to help but nothing has happened on ground. People say off the record that if a dalit woman cooks in Anganwadi who is going to eat? For more Rajeev ji can be reached on 09437527198

Posted on: Oct 15, 2011. Tags: Rajeev Sagaria

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