Transformer burnt year back, We live in dark, officers don't care, please help...

Mohan Kumara is visiting Bhairopur village and panchayat of Balrampur district in Chhhattisgarh where villagers tell him that 85 families live there and their transformer is burnt from Feb 7th, 2015 thus 300 people are forced to live in dark from around a year now. This was complained to electric department many times but no action has been taken. You are requested to call Electric Department Officer@9669798163 to help them. For more you can reach villager@8223968084.

Posted on: Jan 11, 2016. Tags: MOHAN KUMARA

Survey was done 10 years ago but no sign of dam, Pls help us build a dam...

A Govt survey was done in 2005 but the dam has not been constructed yet. 70 Adivasi families live here and there is no facility of irrigation for 200 acres of land. We are dependent on rains for cultivation say villagers of Sode village under Dhanora panchayat and tehsil of Gadchiroli district in Maharashtra in their Gondi language. They are appealing for dam construction. Pls call Collector@9403774877, Tehsildar@7588140000, CEO@9822600044. Villager Mr Usendi@9423536991.

Posted on: Oct 12, 2015. Tags: Gondi MOHAN KUMARA

We worked under NREGA last year, haven't got payment, please call officers...

200 of us had worked for a week under NREGA last year but we have received half payment till now rest amount is still Pending. This was complained in Panchayat and also to other related officers but no one is paying attention say villagers of Darbhatola village under Dhodraj panchayat in Bhamaragarh tehsil of Gadchiroli district in their Gondi language to Mohan Kumara. You are requested to call BDO@7134220050, CEO@9822600044 and Sarpanch@9405587203 to help. Mohan@9405130530

Posted on: Sep 29, 2015. Tags: GONDI MOHAN KUMARA NREGA

No bridge on river, It's difficult to take sick to doctor, Pls call officers to help...

Mohan Kumara travelling with CGNet Swara Citizen Journalism Awareness Yatra has reached Koyanguda village under Bhamaragarh panchayat and tehsil of Gadchiroli district in Maharashtra where villagers tell him that there is no bridge on the river and villagers need to go Bhamragarh for medical facility including many other work and it is difficult to cross. This was complained to officials but no action has been taken. Please call CEO@9800600044 and MLA@9422555678 to help. Villager Vanesh Mandavi@9422900185.

Posted on: Sep 16, 2015. Tags: Mohan Kumara

रे रे लो यो रे रे ला, रे रे लोयो रे रे रेला...गोंडी गोटुल गीत

ग्राम-एकराखुर्द, तहसील-एटापल्ली, जिला-गढ़चिरोली, महाराष्ट्र से गाँव की महिलाएं रेला गीत गा रही हैं. महिलाएं गोटुल में नृत्य के दौरान यह गीत गा रही हैं. गीत में यह बताया जा रहा है कि आदिवासी समाज के लोग जंगल में रहकर भी किस तरह के सांस्कृतिक आयोजन किया करते हैं:
रे रे ला रे रे लोयो रे रे रेला रे रे लोयो रे रे रेला-
चोलागारी तिन्वाले, तिन्वाले ये मम राजो-
रे रे लो यो रे रे ला, रे रे लोयो रे रे रेला-
गेड़ रात मनवाले, मनवाले ये मम राजो-
रे रे लो यो रे रे ला, रे रे लोयो रे रे रेला.

Posted on: Aug 31, 2015. Tags: Mohan Kumara

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