We paid Forest dept when we came, Now they want more...

My name is Kannaiya Duari. I am calling from Kunswada village, Gorgonta Panchayat (in Malkangiri, Orissa). We came here 5 years back. When we came we paid Rs. 4000 per family to the (nearby) Matar Panchayat elders and cleared part of the forest here to settle down. Ever since we have been living and farming here, for the last 3 years. But now the Matar Panchayat residents are claiming that the money we gave them were taken away by the forest department, and that the guards are demanding more money. So the Matar Panchayat elders are asking us to again pay money to them, which they are saying they will pass on to the Forest Department. If we don’t pay them, we will be evicted from here by the Forest Department. We have been living here for such a long time, we even work for the forest department when they ask us to. Why should we pay money again now? For more Mr Duari can be reached at 08658569092.

Posted on: Apr 01, 2012. Tags: FOREST KANNAIYA DUARI

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