गायता येलो बेक गायता तोना लोनी रा पेकोर...गोंडी पुजारी गीत

ग्राम-तेल्लाबेडा, विकासखण्ड-अंतागढ, जिला-उत्तर बस्तर कांकेर (छत्तीसगढ़) से सुलाको, आलोका, सेको, सुलयारी और सुलयारो एक गोंडी गायता (पुजारी) गीत सुना रहे है:
री रीलो री रीलो री रीलय लो री लो रीलो रीलय-
गायता येलो बेक गायता तोना लोनी रा पेकोर-
गायता ना लोनी रा पेकोर-
पुन वेहिले कायो बयो,पुन वेहिले कायो रोय बयो-
री रीलो री रीलो री रीलय लो री लो रीलो रीलय...


Bultoo Radio from Jharkhand in Khortha and Santhali languages: 23rd Sept 2016...

Today Aloka and Tirthnath Akash are helping us listen to reports and songs from Jharkhand state in this latest edition of Bluetooth radio program in Khortha, Santhali and Hindi languages. Villagers use their mobile phones to record these songs and reports. They call 08050068000 to record. Now this program can be downloaded by people from their Gram Panchayat office if it has Broadband or from a download centre nearby. They can also get it from someone with smartphone and internet and then via bluetooth.

Posted on: Sep 23, 2016. Tags: ALOKA AND TIRTHNATH AKASH

Trade Union meeting in Ranchi demands minimum wage of Rs 12500 for each

Aloka from Ranchi in Jharkhand is reporting from a meeting of worker’s trade unions who are demanding a minimum wage of Rs 12,500 to each laborer. They are also demanding stoppage of disinvestment from public sector. For more Aloka can be reached at 09430194872

Posted on: Feb 25, 2013. Tags: Aloka

Live report from Adivasi rally in Ranchi demanding formation of Adim Janjati board...

Aloka from Ranchi in Jharkhand is reporting live from a rally of Bhartiya Adim Jati Parishad. Adivasis from states of Bihar, Odisha and Chhattisgarh are also taking part in the rally which started from Ranchi railway station today and is going towards Raj Bhavan before turning itslef into a meeting. They have a list 21 demands of which the most important is the formation of Adim Janjati board. For more Aloka can be reached at 08986683426

Posted on: Feb 20, 2013. Tags: Aloka

Jharkhand: Activist Xavier Dias arrested, Dayamani bail application rejected...

My name is Aloka. I am calling from Ranchi in Jharkhand. Two important incidents took place in the state today. Activist Xavier Dias and 6 colleagues have been sent to jail on a case of 1989 when they had stopped a train during Jharkhand movement. The case was recently reopened and they were arrested in Chaibasa when they appeared in court. In the case of Dayamani Barla bail application was rejected today and we are now moving to High Court. For more Aloka can be reached at 09430194872

Posted on: Nov 24, 2012. Tags: Aloka Kujur

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