No electricity from 6 months in our home, request pending at electricity dept, pls call officers...

Ashish Singh is calling from Karhaiya village of Hujoor Tehsil, Rewa district in MP and says out of 200 houses in the village only their house has no electricity from 6 months. After an appeal officers had come for a visit and asked to install 2 polls by ourselves. We’ve installed 2 polls but connection has not given till now. We are having difficulties in irrigation and living in dark. You are requested to call Electricity dept@9425834906. Ashish Singh@7509982264.

Posted on: Feb 05, 2019. Tags: ASHISH KUMAR MP REVA

मैं अमर शहीदों के चरण का यश गाया करता हूँ...शहीदों पर कविता

ग्राम-देवरी, पोस्ट+थाना-चंदोरा, जिला-सूरजपुर (छत्तीसगढ़) से आशीष कुमार एक कविता सुना रहे है:
मैं अमर शहीदों के चरण का यश गाया करता हूँ-
जो कर राष्ट्र ने खाया है उसको चुकाया करता हूँ-
यह सच्च है हम लोगो ने दफनाई है-
यह सच्च है उनकी लाशों पर चलकर आजादी आई-
उन गाताओ से स्वच्छ खून को मैं गरमाया करता हूँ-
मैं अमर शहीदों के चरण का यश गाया करता हूँ...

Posted on: Oct 14, 2017. Tags: ASHISH KUMAR

I'm 100% blind but don't get disability pension, don't have ration card, Pls help...

My name is Ashish. I am 100% blind and can’t see anything. I have given my disability certificate to officers but still I do not get any pension whereas other blind friends of mine are getting a pension of Rs 500 per month. I also do not have a ration card to get subsidized grain from Public Distribution System shops. I request all of you to please call Sarpanch of my village Karahia in Hujur tehsil in Rewa district of Madhya Pradesh@9926007817 to help get me both. Ashish@9179872839

Posted on: Jun 06, 2016. Tags: ASHISH KUMAR FOOD RATION CARD

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