Script in Hampi rock paintings deciphered with help of Gondi pictorial script...

Prakash Salame is calling from Amaravati in Maharashtra and says in Gondi that Dr. Motiravan Kangale has deciphered script from the rock paintings in Hampi of Karnataka state with the help of Gondi pictorial script.Earlier Dr Kangale has deciphered the rock drawings from Harappa and Mohanjodado using Gondi pictorial scripts. He says this important discovery shows the continuation of Harappan civilization to other parts of the country.For more Prakash Salame@9922475025.

Posted on: Dec 23, 2014. Tags: Gondi Prakash Salame

Program in Doordarshan discussing Gondi language, culture and religion...

Prakash Salame from Chanda in Maharashtra is telling us that Sahyadri channel of Doordarshan is broadcasting an interview with Gondi scholar Moti Kangale on 29th August between 12 and 1 in afternoon. Mr Kangale will talk about the origin of Gondi people and about their culture, religion and language. Mr Kangale has also deciphered script of Harappan civilisation with the help of Gondi. For more Salame Ji can be reached at 09922475025

Posted on: Aug 29, 2013. Tags: Prakash Salame

Scholar claims to have deciphered Harappan script with help from Gondi...

Prakash Salame from Gadchiroli Maharashtra is telling us about Gondi scholar Moti Kangale who claims to have deciphered script of Harappan civilisation with the help of Gondi script. He requests all the researchers to check out his claim which can give us knowledge about a 5000 year old civilisation. Nagpur Doordarshan will air an interview with him on 22nd August on the subject. For more Salame Ji can be reached at 09922475025

Posted on: Aug 19, 2013. Tags: Prakash Salame

Gonds should get education in Gondi as per constitution

On 12th March thousands of Gonds gathered in the Gondwana Ghotul Parisar , Chandrapur in Maharashtra to remember the 176th birthday of Shaheed Baburao Pilleshwar who laid down his life in the independence struggle in the year 1857. The world famous linguist Motiravan Kangale in his inaugural address reminded those present that for the Gondi speakers the constitutional commitment of providing primary education in the mother tongue has shamefully been forgotten. For more please contact Prakash Salame at 9922475025

Posted on: Mar 15, 2012. Tags: Prakash Salame

Gond people should use their age old social Gondi customs

Prakash Salame, from Chanda district in Maharashtra says last week he went a marriage of a Gond friend and found the marriage to be taking place with other customs than Gonds. He says I request Gonds to use their age old Gondi custom. It is good for our self respect. Now these details are available in written book forms and Gonds should make use of them. He showed Gondi custom in that marriage and youth took oath to follow Gondi custom in future. For more Prakash ji can be reached at 09922475025

Posted on: Mar 12, 2012. Tags: Prakash Salame

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