People of Uranium mine areas have sacrificed for nation...

Ashish Biruli from Uranium mines area of Jadugoda in Jharkhand is talking today from Ahmedabad where he is attending a meeting of anti nuclear activists. He says we are discussing how we can fight together. He says the people who gave land to uranium mines in jadugoda, the people who died of radiation, the children who are born handicapped have given the cost to the nation and many are having fun on their sacrifice. For more Ashish can be reached at 08092403184

Posted on: Aug 27, 2011. Tags: Ashish Biruli

Public hearing on Children affected by Mining in Ranchi

Ashish Biruli from Jharkhand is telling us about a public hearing with the children affected by mining in Ranchi. Children in the hearing told that though mining has come to their area but school is very far and their parents have not got work so they are forced to work. Many govt officials were invited for the hearing but only one came. For more Ashish can be reached at 09031738812

Posted on: Aug 11, 2011. Tags: ASHISH BIRULI MINING

Hiroshima Day celebrated in Jaduguda, Jharkhand...

Ashish Biruli from Jaduguda in Jharkhand is telling us about Hiroshima Day function organised there. He says on 6th August 1945 America had first exploded a nuclear bomb in Hiroshima town of Japan. More than 1 lakh people died and still people are suffering there. He says people of Jaduguda are facing similar problem due to uranium mine and telling ponds where dust from mine is poured. He says people of Jaduguda gave a message no war is the only way for peace. For more Ashish can be reached at 08092403184

Posted on: Aug 07, 2011. Tags: Ashish Biruli

Public hearing for Uranium mine: Without any info to public...

Asish Biruli from Jadugoda says there is a public hearing planned for 26th May for expansion of Uranium mines of Uranium Corporation India Ltd a Govt of India company. But public has not been given any documents. No announcement has also been made in the newspapers. Apart from this the company is spreading rumors that the company will close if people opposed the expansion and many will loose jobs. For more please contact Ashish at 08092403184.

Posted on: May 24, 2011. Tags: Ashish Biruli

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