they didn't get connection ye...

Jhasaketan Bariha of village Bijadi, Paikmal, dist. Bargarh, Odisha says in their village almost in every families got single light electric connection except 4-5 Bpl families. 4-5 month ago they were complaining about it to dist. collector & SDO of electricity department. But they didn’t get connection yet. The urges for help from CgNet audiences by calling dist collector 9438736379 & SDO of electricity department 9437058047 -Dillip Behera is @ 09937789593.


ई पाइन पबन झरन डंगर सबु आमर...सम्बलपुरी गीत

This is Saroj kumar Chhanda from Bugbuga village under Bargarh dist, Odisha, He sings a song here in Sambalpuri language about love for the earth. He narrates in his song that, this water, air, earth..everything is ours, in its absence there is no life, now the corporates are coming to loot the same, and we will never give all these to the company. The first line of the song is ई पाइन पबन झरन डंगर सबु आमर. For more details you can reach Saroj ji at 8908390381

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Impact: Stopped Mid-Day meals started in Odisha schools after Swara report...

My name is Sushant. I am calling from Paikmal block of Bargarh district in Odisha. I had recorded a message on Swara on 13th January saying that children in all the schools in my area were not getting mid-day meal from months. I got calls from many after the report and though it is less than a week the mid day meal has started in many schools. Officials have promised the same in rest of the schools soon. I thank all the people who helped. For more Sushant can be reached at 09776520644

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Odisha:In 2 Gram Panchayats children not getting Mid Day meal from month...

My name is Sushant. I am calling from Paikmal block of Bargarh district of Odisha. In two gram panchayats Dhanrajpur and Kechhodadar of our block no mid day meal to students is served from more than a month. The teachers tell us that they are not getting supplies of ration. Some of them have complained but nothing has improved. You are requested to please help the suffering children. For more Sushant Ji can be reached at 09776520644

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