कोटि-कोटि तलिन धरित्री ते...गोंडी गीत

ग्राम- मोतीरामगुड़ा, तहसील-उतनूर, जिला-आदिलाबाद, तेलंगाना से श्रीराम गोंडी गीत गा रहे हैं. गीत दंडारी (एक उत्सव है जो होली के आस-पास पड़ता है ) के समय और शादी में नाचते हुए गाया जाता है :
कोटि-कोटि तलिन धरित्री ते-
केन्जा मावा वि वन्दना..वन्दना..वन्दना-
मावा नीके वन्दना, कोंगराम भीमू मावा नीके वन्दना-
गोंडवाना ते जन्मावती, किती आवाज भीमपारा देश तुन-
मावो लासी जन्मावती, किती जडावज ते-
मावा नीके वन्दना...

Posted on: Feb 12, 2015. Tags: Sriram Adilabad

Live report from Nagoba darbar Gond religious fair in Adilabad Telangana...

Lalsu Nogoti traveling with CGNet Swara Citizen Journalism Awareness Yatra has reached Keshlapur village in Adilabad district in Telangana state and meets Bhimrao who tells him in Gondi language that Nagoba darbar is a big religious fair of Gond adivasis which started on Amavashya day in Pus month( No moon day in January) for a week and thousands of tribal people from many states and officials gather here every year. They worship of Gondi Gods.Lalsu Nogoti@9644008804

Posted on: Jan 24, 2015. Tags: ADILABAD LALSU NOGOTI TELANGANA

Gond Adivasi festival Nagoba Jatara from 19- 27th January 2015 in Adilabad...

Todasam Devrao is calling to say in Gondi that famous Gond Adivasi pilgrimage Nagoba Jatara at Keslapur in Indravelli mandal of Adilabad district in Telangana will happen from 19- 27th of January 2015. A preparatory meeting was held today by Collector, ITDA PO and other heads to announce the event. A mass gathering of Gonds from Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh and other states take place in the 10 day event.Todasam Devrao@9492128599.

Posted on: Dec 03, 2014. Tags: ADILABAD GONDI TODASAM DEVRAO

Schools successfully teaching Gunjala Gondi script in Adilabad, Telangana...

Todasam Devrao is calling from Gunjala village of Narnur Mandal, Adilabad district in Telangana and saying in Gondi that a review session was conducted for the teachers of 15 Schools where Gondi is taught. Academic monitoring officer, coordinators and Educational officers have attended to review and guide the teachers. Integrated Tribal Development trying to develop language skills to students from childhood and we are glad to say kids are rapidly learning. Devrao@9492128599.


Free health camp for interior adivasi villages in Adilabad district ,Telangana...

Todasam Devrao is calling from Valgonda Hirapur village of Indravelli Mandal, Adilabad district in Telangana and says in Gondi that Natural Research Care Foundation conducted a health camp for the benefit of 30 interior Adivasi villages and tested more than 300 patients. 12 doctors attended and distributed free medicines. These are interior villages where adivasis need to go more than 30 kms to get medical treatment.
Todasam Devrao@9492128599


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