Effort to start dialogue with Govt on pro-Adivasi laws like FRA, PESA in MP...

Dhruv bhai from Adivasi Ekta Manch in Bichhia Mandla in MP is telling about an effort to start a dialogue with administration for proper implementation of pro-Adivasi laws like Forest Rights Act and PESA. He says Govt is not dealing with these laws and adivasis like from Mathna village are suffering who are demonstrating from 15 months for forest rights but Govt is not listening. All of you are requested to help. For more Dhruva Ji is at 09165430619

Posted on: Dec 17, 2013. Tags: Dhruv Mandla

Company wants land: Farmer commits suicide, Family on hunger strike...

Dhruvbhai is visiting Katni in MP where he meets family of farmer Ramkinker from Dokaria Bujbuja village in Barhi block who committed suicide opposing land acquisition for a company. His family is sitting on a fast unto death in front of collectorate with 110 people. 5 have been hospitalised. A company wants to take their land though Gram Sabha has repeatedly told that they will not give any land. For more Dhruv bhai can be reached at 09165430619

Posted on: Sep 02, 2013. Tags: DHRUV MANDLA LAND

Adivasis must get land under FRA but forest dept hellbent to throw them out

Dhruvbhai from Mandla in MP is talking to Bairag Singh Tekam of Adivasi Ekta manch who is talking about Mathna village in Mawai block where Baiga adivasis are working on forest land from generation and fulfill all requirement for land deeds under Forest Rights act but govt destroyed their crop last year and is hellbent to throw them out. District authorities and NHRC is also not helping them though they are sitting on dharna. For more Dhruvji can be reached at 0 9165430619

Posted on: Jul 29, 2013. Tags: DHRUV MANDLA FOREST LAND

Baiga Adivasis fighting to save their land, Forest dept calling them Naxalites

Dhruv bhai from Mandla in MP is helping us listen to Sujit Baiga from Mathna area where Baiga adivasis are fighting to save their traditional forest land which they are using from generations. He says forest dept is harassing them with any excuse and have put 6 of them in jail. They are threatening to put all of them to jail by declaring them naxalite. He alleges dept wants to give the land to companies. For more Dhruv bhai can be reached at 09981215876

Posted on: Jul 13, 2013. Tags: DHRUV MANDLA FOREST LAND

Adivasis start agitation to protest land grab and false arrests by forest dept...

Dhruv bhai from Mandla in MP is telling us that he had raised the issue of arrest of 6 Baiga adivasis on this forum and also after lots of movement on the street Collector and SP had visited the region but they have not taken any action yet and the adivasis still remain in jail. This is an example of Forest dept taking the land of adivasis by force and putting false cases against them. They are restarting their agitation today. For more Dhruvji can be reached at 09165430619

Posted on: Jul 03, 2013. Tags: DHRUV MANDLA FOREST LAND

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