Upper caste beat Dalits: Police arrests man not present during incident!

Bineshwar Nayak, a dalit boy from Ramgarh district in Jharkhand is telling us that in his village upper caste people had beaten them up on 4th September 2012. A case was filed against the upper caste people in local police station but police has arrested father of Bineshwar who was not present in the village on the day of incident. He requests us to call DSP at 09708677744. For more on the case please contact Mr Nayak at 08409482115

Posted on: Dec 01, 2012. Tags: Bineshwar Nayak

Upper Caste people beat up Dalits, No action from police in 3 days!

My name is Bineshwar Nayak. I am calling from village Kangi in Rampur district of Jharkhand. I want to tell all of you that upper caste people attacked us Dalits on Thursday and quite a few of us are injured. One of us is serious. We complained to police about the incident the same day but police has taken no action so far. You are requested to call the police in charge at 09955909846. Upper caste people in my village still practice untouchability and try to show us down. For more Mr Naik can be reached at 08409482115

Posted on: Oct 07, 2012. Tags: Bineshwar Nayak

Forest dept evicting dalit family farming forest land from 40 years, Pls help...

My name is Bineshwar Naik. I am calling from Kangi village in Ramgarh district of Jharkhand. We are from a landless dalit family. My ansestors are farming on a patch of forest land from last 40 years but they do not have any receipt for it. On instigation of some villagers now forest department is telling us that we can not do any farming on that land. I request all of you to please help us. For more Bineshwar can be reached at 08409482115

Posted on: Sep 03, 2012. Tags: BINESHWAR NAYAK FOREST LAND

Monsoon also brings toilet shame for villagers...Pls help

Bineshwar Nayak from Ramgarh district of Jharkhand tells us that monsoon has brought happiness in the faces of villagers who are dependent on rains for their crops but it has also brought toilet shame. He says villagers go to fields for toilet but in the monsoon months all the fileds are in use and some times men and women have to defacate in the same space. Govt had started building toiltes in his village for BPL families last year but the project lies uncomplete and unattended. He requests us to intervene to save his fellow villagers specially women from this shameful situation. For more Mr Nayak can be reached at 8409482115

Posted on: Jul 29, 2012. Tags: Bineshwar Nayak

15,000 people are waiting for a connecting road from 10 years!

Bineshwar Naik says villagers in his village and nearby are passing a resolution to build a road to connect their villages to the city from last 10 years but the road never get constructed. He says there are around 15,000 people live here in these 7 villages. The bridge on the road was broken two years ago and the people who need to go to the city for their livelihood and education are facing huge problem during the monsoon. Many leaders have given false assurances to them but nothing has happened. Pls help. For more Mr nayak can be reached at 08409482115

Posted on: Jul 14, 2012. Tags: BINESHWAR NAYAK ROAD

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