मजा मारें आधिकारी गरीबन के...संघर्ष गीत

रीवा, मध्यप्रदेश से राम प्रसाद आदिवासी बता रहे हैं कि कल उमरिया जिले में 1000 महिला-परुषों की उपस्थिति में बिरसा मुंडा की जयन्ती धूम-धाम से मनाई गई. श्रोताओं से अनुरोध कर रहे हैं कि भारतीय वन अधिनियम की धारा क्रमांक 26 (8) के तहत आदिवासी भाई दावा फॉर्म भरें और जिला प्रशासन से मांग करें. इसी अवसर पर एक गीत भी प्रस्तुत कर रहे हैं:
मजा मारें आधिकारी गरीबन के-
जब कोई योजना गरीबन का मिलतु हैं-
कहै एमा पैसा लगत है-
ऐसे लुटेरन हजारन मा-
मजा मारें आधिकारी गरीबन के...

Posted on: Jun 30, 2018. Tags: RAMPRASAD ADIWASI

Rainwater enters our huts from road, living in plastic tents, Govt doesn't help...

Chhotu Adivasi is visiting Saur village in Sirmaur tehsil in Rewa district of MP and meets some adivasis there who tell him that they don’t have any land so live next to road in huts where rain water enters from road. Now they are living somehow with the help of plastic sheets. There is no Govt work and they don’t get private work regularly. He alleges that whatever Govt support comes for them influential people keep it with them which needs investigation. Pls call Collector@9425903973. Chhotu@8223888625

Posted on: Aug 29, 2016. Tags: CHHOTU ADIWASI ROAD

Bank officer writes 500 and gives 300 and no pension from a year, Pls help...

Chhotu Adivasi is visiting Khamharia village in tehsil Sirmaur of Gangeo block in Rewa district in Madhya Pradesh where he meets old women who tell him that they are not getting their old age pension from a year. When they get the bank officer write rs 500 but gives only 300. Now they are saying no money has come from many months. They are landless and pension is their only source of income. It is difficult to get any work in rains. You are requested to call Collector@9425903973 to investigate. Chhotu@8223888625

Posted on: Jul 18, 2016. Tags: Chhotu Adiwasi

We 400 landless poor adivasis have not got subsidised grain for two months...

My name is Geeta Adivasi. I am calling from Gudh village in Uparwar Panchayat thana Panwar block Jawa District Rewa in Madhya Pradesh. There are 400 adivasis in our village. She is talking to many fellow villagers who say they are are landless and very poor. We have not got our subsidised grain for February and March this year but the salesman of Public Distribution System is not helping. You are requested to call District food officer Mr Khan@7869364820 to help us. Geeta@9584657881

Posted on: Jul 14, 2016. Tags: Geeta Adiwasi

forest dept has broken their cottage and Bamboo - Bally also took away...

Jiyalal Adiwasi is calling from Chunbhatti village under Khaja Panchayat of Rewa district in MP . He is saying that 40 Tribal family were living in forest land no 230, 231 and 232 from 30 year and they have also filled the application for lease but forest dept has broken their cottage and Bamboo – Bally also took away. S0, They have complained in C.M. help line at 8th Sept 2014 but forest dept is threatening them for their activation. You are requested to call officer@ 8306504427.
Jiyalal Adiwasi@9630405609.

Posted on: Sep 21, 2014. Tags: ADIWASI JIYALAL MP REVA

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