शौचालय निर्माण के नाम पर 9 लाख 24 हजार रूपए का घोटाला, थाने में मामला दर्ज नही...

ग्राम पंचायत-गोधन, जिला-अनुपपुर (मध्यप्रदेश) से नत्थूलाल राठौर बता रहे हैं, गोधन में स्वच्छ भारत मिशन में अंतर्गत बिरेंद केवट द्वारा 77 लोगो का शौचालय निर्माण केवल कागज पर कराया गया है, वास्तव में हितग्राहियों के घर में कोई शौचालय नही बना है, जिसकी शिकायत जनपद CEO के पास किया गया, जिस पर कमेटी का गठन कर जांच कराए जाने पर 5 मृतक व्यक्तियों के नाम पर कागज में शौचालय बना पाया गया और साद्गे ९ लाख का घोटाला भी, जिस पर उसकी सेवा समाप्त कर दी गई है, यह मामला थाने में दर्ज होना था, लेकिन अभी तक नही हुआ है, अनुरोध है दोषी पर उचित कारवाही कराने में मदद करें : कलेक्टर@9753725459, CEO@9981259888. संपर्क@8435657690.

Posted on: Jul 14, 2018. Tags: NATTHULAL RATHOUR

Got bore drilled thanks to your calls but no pump in 2 years, Please call again...

Natthulal Rathore says he got help from CGnet Swara listeners 2 years back when they had helped get a bore drilled in his village in Amhatola of Chorbhatti village in Jaithari tehsil of Anuppur district in Madhya Pradesh. But no pump has been fit in 2 years and people are not getting any water. He complained on CM helpline ( 2149944) where officers lied saying that people are getting water. Please call SDO@9424752948 and Engineer@07656222520 to help suffering people. Rathor@7581940500

Posted on: Jun 16, 2016. Tags: Natthulal Rathor

Well was sanctioned on land under FRA but officials not giving due, Pls help...

Natthulal Ji is talking to an adivasi lady Nanni bai from Sari panchayt who tell him that they have got land deeds under Forest Rights Act and a well was sanctioned in 2011 for the same land. They got first two installments but since the sarpanch has taken their passbook and have also not paid rest of the money. A motor was also sanctioned but that is also not given. You are requested to talk to officer at 9754039429 to help. NatthulalJi@9977233117

Posted on: Mar 07, 2014. Tags: LAND NATTHULAL

After deed on forest land well was sanctioned but no wages to laborers yet...

Natthulal Ji from Tikamgarh district in Madhya Pradesh is talking to Ram Kunwar an adivasi woman who says they got land deeds for the forest land they were tilling in 2010. CM gave them the deeds. Then wells were sanctioned for the land and many laborers worked on it. But forest dept has put a stay on the land and neither the well got completed nor the laborers have got their wages. You are requested to help. For more Natthulal Ji can be reached at 9977233117

Posted on: Jan 24, 2014. Tags: FOREST LAND NATTHULAL

Caste villagers broke adivasi houses, destroyed crop, No action in 6 months...

Natthulal from Ekta Parishad in Tikamgarh district in MP is telling about an incident on 7th August 2013 when upper caste villagers in Mawai village destroyed houses and crops of 22 adivasi families. These families are living on this Govt land from generations. They went to police who gave them a receipt but did not file FIR. They have got to all officials including Chief Minister but no one has helped.If they go to farm they still get threatened. NatthuJi@9977233117

Posted on: Jan 20, 2014. Tags: Natthulal

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