Gondi song from Chhindwada in Madhya Pradesh...

Mohan Yadav Ji is visiting Chhindwada district in Madhya Pradesh where he meets Ajay Uike who is singing a Gondi song. For more on the song please speak to Mohan Ji at 08602008777

Posted on: May 11, 2013. Tags: CHHINDWADA MOHAN YADAV

Water supply comes once in a week in Chhindwada, Madhya Pradesh,,,

Mohan Yadav is visiting Chhindwada district in Madhya Pradesh where he is meeting women who tell him that in their area water supply comes once in a week and they are having a very difficult time. For more Mohan Ji can be reached at 08602008777

Posted on: May 11, 2013. Tags: CHHINDWADA MOHAN YADAV WATER

Journalism workshop in Chhindwada to widen horizons of citizens, Journalists

Jagdish Ji is attending a citizen journalism workshop in Chhindwada district of Madhya Pradesh today. He speaks to organiser Mr Jayant Verma Ji who tells him that they are working on such workshops from last 15 years and they have trained more than 15,000 people in more than 40 districts in India. The main aim of such workshops is to widen the horizon of students and journalists. For more Jagdish Ji can be reached at 09893905883

Posted on: Feb 16, 2013. Tags: CHHINDWADA JAGDISH

Request for repair of Narsinghpur-Chhindwada road in MP

Mangal Yadav from Narsinghpur in Madhya Pradesh says that the world has moved forward so much that people have also reached the moon but in rural areas people have problem going to nearby areas. He says the road connecting Narsinghpur to Chhindwada is in a very bad state. There are huge pot hols and any accident can happen anytime for pedestrians. He requests everyone to raise the issue for repair of the roads.

Posted on: Mar 22, 2011. Tags: CHHINDWADA MANGAL YADAV ROAD

Bad situation of education in Patalkot of Chhindwada

Some “Guest teachers” from Patalkot area of Chhindwada district are complaining about the bad situation of education in that remote area. They say there are very few teachers and they need to walk 10 kms each day through hills to reach the schools. And if there job is converted to a “contract teacher” work that would help them do their job better

Posted on: Oct 09, 2010. Tags: CHHINDWADA

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