Former village head getting harassed for complaining against irregularity...

My name is Upendra Kushwaha. I am former village head of Kerketta village in Utari road block of Palamu district in Jharkhand. When i was village head I found out about misappropriation of funds in an Anganwadi in my village. I complained about it but a case was registered against me under section 107 by local police officer and now I am forced to make rounds of court. I am a poor man and do not have money to hire a lawyer. Please call SDO@9431138170 and DM@9431715401 to help me. Upendra@9661932374

Posted on: May 05, 2016. Tags: UPENDRA KUSHWAHA

Electric pole with transformer can fall any time in our village, Please help...

Upendra Kushwaha is calling from Harijantola in Kerkatta village of Utari road block in Palamau district in Jharkhand and says they have electricity in their village from 8 years but all the transformers are on one electric pole which can fall down anytime due to overload and cause a big accident. They have complained to electricity officers and also on CM helpline 181 but no one is helping. You are requested to call DM@9431715401, 9431715198 to help villagers. For more Kushwaha@9661932374

Posted on: Apr 25, 2016. Tags: UPENDRA KUSHWAHA

Connecting road to our village was sanctioned 8 years ago, still incomplete...

Upendra Kushwaha is calling from Kerkatta village in Utari road block of Palamu district in Jharkhand and says a 8 kilometer long road was sanctioned to connect their and 3 more villages 8 years ago. Contractor put some stones on the road and left. The situation of the road is very bad. He has been complaining on CM helpline 181 for a long time but no action has been taken. He requests listeners to put pressure on DM@9431715401, 9431715198 to complete the road to help suffering villagers. Kushwaha@9661932374

Posted on: Apr 24, 2016. Tags: ROAD UPENDRA KUSHWAHA

PDS ration dealer gives less rice and makes double entry, alleges villager...

Udesh Mahto from Jamdiha village Post Joga thana Rehla in Utari road block of Palamu district of Jharkhand tells Upendra Kushwaha that today he went to his ration shop where dealer gave 18 kg of rice for 5 people instead of 20 kg and made entry of 2 months on the card. When objected he said do whatever you want. Upendra says it is not only the case of Jamdiha but it is the same story in almost all villages in this region. You are requested to talk to local Food officer@9801547085. Mahto@9771231552, Kushwaha@9661932374

Posted on: Apr 23, 2016. Tags: FOOD RATION CARD UPENDRA KUSHWAHA

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