250 families living on one hand pump, 3 broken, no one listens, please help...

We are 250 families here and have 4 handpumps but 3 are broken. The only hand pump at school is working where all of us go. If that breaks then we do not know what will happen to us. There is always a long queue for water. Well is also dry now. We have been calling officers from long but they don’t care. Elected representatives are only interested in our votes and only visit us during elections. You are requested to please call Collector@ 9425903973 and Sarpanch@9981164339. Tuman@9054676133

Posted on: Apr 29, 2016. Tags: TUMAN ADIVASI

Young migrated in search of work, old not getting old age pension from year...

Tuman Ji is calling from Akrari colony village post Khaja in Rewa district of Madhya Pradesh. She says young have migrated out of village in search of work and 40 elders left in village are suffering. Officers told them to make bank accounts but none are getting old age pension for more than year. They have nothing to eat or buy medicines. You are requested to call Collector@9425903973 and Sarpanch@9981164339 to help old people who are wandering around banks in vain. Tuman@9054676133

Posted on: Apr 21, 2016. Tags: TUMAN ADIVASI

We erected poles, pulled wire for free but it's more than a year still no power...

Tuman Adivasi from Akrari colony village in Post Khaja district Rewa Madhya Pradesh says a contractor told them last year that if they help in digging pits for poles and pull wires for free then they will get electricity soon so they did. But it is more than a year there is no sign of electricity and they still live in dark like animals though everyone nearby has electricity. Please call Electricity officer@9425424250 and Collector@9425903973 to help suffering people. Tuman@9054676133

Posted on: Apr 20, 2016. Tags: TUMAN ADIVASI

Poles were erected, wires were pulled but no electricity from more than year...

Tuman Adivasi is calling from Akrari colony village Post Khaja in Jaba block of Rewa district of MP to say that electricity came to their village a year back. All of them helped dig pits and erect poles and pull wire but no electricity has been supplied yet.They have requested many officers many times but no one helps. You are requested to call Collector@09425903973, Electricity officer@09425424250, Secretary@09981164339 to help them. Tuman Ji@9054088452

Posted on: Mar 03, 2016. Tags: ELECTRICITY TUMAN ADIVASI

40 old in my village not getting old age pension from 10 months, please help...

Tuman Adivasi is calling from Akrari Colony village in Khaja post Jawa tehsil of Rewa district in MP. She says there are 40 old people in her village who are not getting their old age pension from 10 months. They went to many officers and they assured that the pension will come on bank accounts, then all of them have opened bank accounts but nothing has arrived yet. You are requested to call Pension officer@09893925290, Collector@09425903973 and Sarpanch@09981164339. TumanJi@9054088452

Posted on: Feb 29, 2016. Tags: TUMAN ADIVASI

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