काहे गाडी भागे बोल गरीबी दुनिया मा रे...गरीबी गीत -

ग्राम-हर्चोका, तहसील-भरतपुर, जिला-कोरिया, (छत्तीसगढ़) से संजय कुमार सिंह
गरीबी को लेकर एक गीत सुना रहे है :
काहे गाडी भागे बोल गरीबी दुनिया मा रे-
जंगल मा जंगलिहा लूटे खेतन मा पटवारी-
नून तेल मा बनिया लुटे कपड़ा मा व्यापारी...

Posted on: Apr 20, 2017. Tags: SANJAY KUMAR

We're filling our pond with water to avoid water problem in 2 summer months...

Sanjay Kumar Khunte is calling from village Chhote Seepat, in Malkharoda area of Janjgir-Champa district in Chhattisgarh and telling us about what they are doing to avoid water problem in summer. He says a canal passes through their village. They have collected money from all villagers to hire water pump and are filling their ponds so that there is enough water in 2 months of summer. He suggests others to fill their ponds somehow so that they do not face water problem. Sanjay@7582031782

Posted on: May 10, 2016. Tags: SANJAY KUMAR KHUNTE WATER

छुट गईल नाता सबसे, छुटल नहीं घरवा...बिहारी लोकगीत

जिला-मुजफ्फरपुर (बिहार) से संजय कुमार एक लोकगीत सुना रहे हैं :
छुट गईल नाता सबसे,छुटल नहीं घरवा-
सकी हो अबले न पिया नहीं ले – डोलियाँ कहारा वा हो-
छुट गहिल नाता सबसे,छुटल नहीं हरवा-
सकी हो अबले न...

Posted on: Apr 24, 2016. Tags: SANJAY KUMAR

Influential people captured river bed for farming, don't allow access to river...

Sanjay Kumar is calling from Ghivahi village and post in Bindauman Thanha of Sonbhadra district in Uttar Pradesh and talking to villagers who tell him that some influential people have illegally occupied land on river bank for farming and don’t allow villagers access to river and people are facing difficulty. They want investigation in that area. You are requested to call Collector@9454417569 to investigate and help.Sanjay Kumar@8953068002

Posted on: Jan 05, 2015. Tags: Sanjay Kumar

ज़ागा जागा जागा, मजदूर भाई जागा...

ज़ागा जागा जागा, मजदूर भाई जागा...
एकता बनाब, एकता बनाब
मांग मांग मांग, छुट्टी बोनस मांग
लाल हरा झण्डा डण्डा पकडके
लुटेरा सब के मारा फटाफट फट फट

Posted on: Nov 18, 2010. Tags: Sanjay Kumar

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