transformer breakdown from one and half years...

Hemant kumar Sonwani is calling from Khairatkala under Tikarapara Mohalla in Post Bhotha in Bagbahara Block of Mahasamudra district in Chhattisgarh telling about electric problem . there is 50 households which have 28 meters but transformer breakdown from one and half years. They complained to electric dept. many times orally and also in written but no one listens. You are requested to call official @ 9993249951,9575567177,
Hemant kumar Sonwani@8959736721.


सरपंच, सचिव व रोजगार सहायक द्वारा सरकारी राशि के गबन का आरोप, शिकायत पर जांच नहीं...

ग्राम-पाटन, तहसील+विकासखंड-घुघरी, जिला-मंडला (म.प्र.) से राजकुमार सोनवानी आरोप लगा रहे हैं कि उनके गाँव के सरपंच, सचिव, रोजगार सहायक द्वारा अवैध तरीके से फर्जी बिल लगाकर 15 से 20 लाख रूपए तक गबन किया गया है. उसके अलावा प्रधानमंत्री आवास हितग्राहियों से 3000 रूपए सचिव द्वारा रिश्वत लिया गया है. कलेक्टर सहित कई अधिकारियों को शिकायत किये लेकिन कार्यवाही नहीं हुई इसलिए साथी सीजीनेट सुनने वाले साथियों से मदद की अपील कर रहें हैं कि इन अधिकारियो से बात कर की जांच करवाए : कलेक्टर@07642250600, जिला C.E.O.@8889452972, जनपद पंचायत C.E.O.@9479550422 सचिव@7693949821. सोनवानी@9171183203

Posted on: Nov 10, 2017. Tags: RAJKUMAR SONWANI

Most of our village have no electricity, those have get it only for few hours...

Vikram Das Sonwani is calling from Bahuchi village of Mawai block, Mandla district in Madhya Pradesh and says there are 175 houses in their village but only few have got electricity. Rest living in dark. Those who have connection get it for only few hours.Their repeated appeals to officers has not helped so far . Listeners are requested to call Electricity Officer@9425806220, Line man@9424385685 to connect electricity to the village to help suffering villagers. Vikram Das@8103213578.

Posted on: May 04, 2015. Tags: ELECTRICITY SONWANI VIKRAM DAS

Swara delivers wages but not correct rate nor compensation

Shivram Sonwani from Kachnar Adivasi Vikas Sanstha in Surguja in Chhattisgarh says after we raised the issue of non payment of NREGA wages on Swara thanks to intervention of Chief Secretary the laborers have got their due wages last week after a year. But the payment has been made at the rate of Rs 100 per day whereas the rate last year was Rs 122 and no payment has been made as compensation for late payment as per the law. He requests us to try for proper wages and the compensation. For more Sonwani ji can be reached at 08120040375

Posted on: Apr 30, 2012. Tags: Shivram Sonwani

Gram Swaraj meeting- new scheme high expectations.

In another Gram Swaraj meeting, many villagers have gathered together to discuss the matter of mishandling of funds for laying a pipe for a bridge.About 14 people were involved in the work and they all say that the expenses were about 5000 rupees while the sanction was for about 25000 rupees. Now the villagers want the remaining money to be placed as reserve for other activity, whereas the Panchayat officials would like to show it as spent.For details please contact Shivran Sonwani at 8120040375

Posted on: Apr 18, 2012. Tags: Shivram Sonwani

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