School for 50 students has not opened in 4 years, No mid day meal either...

Ramnaresh Yadav from Samaj Chetna Adhikar Manch is visiting a village called Sarkaritola in Bhangawan gram Panchayat in Rewa district of MP. The villagers tell him that they have a Govt school in the village where more than 50 students are enrolled. The school has two teachers but they have never turned up in last 4 years. Mid day meal is also not getting cooked. You are requested to call investigating officer at 09669479500. Ramnareshji is at 9755358535


We adivasis walk 4 kms to fetch dirty water to drink, People falling ill, Pls help

Ramnaresh Ji is visiting Khairha Nayee basti in Kota Panchayat in Jaba block of Rewa district in MP where people tell him that many are sick due to drinking dirty water from a nullah from where they fetch drinking water. He says he had reported about it in June in Swara and had also sent a request to collector but nothing has improved. You are requested to call collector at 09425147740. For more Ramnaresh Ji can be reached at 07869664966

Posted on: Sep 12, 2013. Tags: RAMNARESH WATER

हम हैं कन्या कुमारी हमार पाठशाला बनवाए दो...एक बाल गीत

राम नरेश यादव समाज चेतना अधिकार मंच दभौरा ग्रामपंचायत कोटा खैरहा बस्ती के बाल केंद्र से पुष्पान्जली के साथ मिल कर अन्य बच्चों ने गीत गया है. जो पाठशाला नहीं होने की बात करता है....
हम हैं कन्या कुमारी हमार पाठशाला बनवाए दो -२
नहीं सुनते मास्टर नहीं सुनते मेडम-२
सुन लो गाँव को लोगो हमार पाठशाला बनवाए दो-२
हम हैं कन्या कुमारी हमार पाठशाला बनवाए दो-२
नहीं सुनते सरपंच नहीं सुनते सेक्रेटरी-२
सुनलो गाँव को लोगो हमार पाठशाला बनवाए दो-२

Posted on: Sep 11, 2013. Tags: Ramnaresh Yadav

Adivasi students planting, protecting saplings encouraged by local Tree man

Ramnaresh Yadav from Rewa in MP is telling about a school for Adivasi children whose 52 students have planted more than 500 saplings of fruit giving trees. He says they are encouraged by Deenanath Adivasi who has planted lakhs of trees on forest land in last many years and is known as Tree man. The children not only have planted the saplings but they are working to protect them. For more Yadav Ji can be reached at 09993417726

Posted on: Aug 12, 2013. Tags: Ramnaresh Yadav

कोमल है कमजोर नही है, सत्य का नाम ही नारी है...

Ramnaresh Ji is visiting a forest village called Madri in Rewa MP where tribal women are sining a song:
कोमल है कमजोर नही है.
सत्य का नाम ही नारी है
सबको जीवन देने वाली
मौत भी तुमसे हारी है
मीरा रूप में जहर पिलाया
मौत भी तुम से हारी है
सीता ने दी थी अग्नि परीक्षा
आज भी युग में जारी है

Posted on: Jul 06, 2013. Tags: Ramnaresh

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