पीना मोर नान्डोर ना ने मोर नान हो...गोंडी दीपावली गीत

ग्राम-तारगुड़ा, तहसील-एटापल्ली, जिला-गढ़चिरौली, महाराष्ट्र से प्रियंका लकड़ा, सुशीला, लक्ष्मी दुग्गा, दत्ता नरोटे एक गोंडी गीत गा रहे हैं. यह गीत आदिवासी समाज में दीपावली के समय गाया जाता है :
पीना मोर नान्डोर ना ने मोर नान हो-
बातिर फोल-फोल लुम्बर देवे तो इल्ले रे-
जा पल्ले रे जा मेरा सल्लम-
मेरा सल्लम पुप्पुल फोल-फोल लुम्बर देवे
तो इल्ले रे जा पल्ले रे जा मेरा सल्लम...

Posted on: Nov 06, 2015. Tags: Priyanka Lakda

A community where parents pray to get a girl child and treats them very well...

Mohan Yadav is visiting Rajura tahsil in Chandrapur district in Maharashtra where he meets Priyanka Vaishnav from Vaishnav community who tells him that all over country girls are treated as a burden and they have a huge problem of dowry but in their community parents pray for birth of a girl child in family and treat them very well. At the time of marriage boy’s side give dowry to girl’s side and girls are treated very well after marriage. Mohan Ji is at 08602008777

Posted on: Oct 16, 2013. Tags: Priyanka Vaishnav

Forest ranger put pistol on farming adivasi women and men and arrested us...

Priyanka Kumre is talking to an adivasi Khujal Singh Irpache from Jhamar Raiyat village in Lakhnadon block of Seoni district who is narrating their experience with forest dept. He says the ranger came when we were farming and put his pistol on women and men and arrested 17 of us. They also took away our cattle. The people have now been released but they will have to fight a case. Animals are yet to be released. For more Priyanka can be reached at 09479509946

Posted on: Jul 10, 2013. Tags: FOREST PRIYANKA KUMRE

Follow up : Non working handpump : Officer non responsive

Priyanka Borpujari from Mumbai says she called up the Block officer Balwant Singh following up the complaint for the non working hand pump from 7 months from Seema of District Rewa Madhya Pradesh. The message was recorded in Swara couple of days back. But the officer washed his hands off the matter, and said he could only ask the Panchayat officer, as the handpump had been out of order for seven months and why no one had complained earlier. For more Priyanka can be reached at 09820741992


Swara Impact :Food sent to children after complaint to Minister

Priyanka from Mumbai says Anil Bamne had earlier called on this forum to tell that a displaced village of Achanakmar Tiger reserve did not receive any food for 5 months in their anganvadi for pre school children. She had called Lata Usendi, minister for women and child welfare in Chhattisgarh to complain about the case. After another follow up now officials reached the village yesterday and have delivered 12 quintal rice for the hungry children. She requests others to use Swara platform similarly to improve delivery system on ground and thanks the minister for taking action

Posted on: Apr 15, 2011. Tags: FOOD PRIYANKA BORPUJARI

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