आपका स्वास्थ्य आपके मोबाइल में : ह्रदय में छेद के लिए जड़ी

Vaidya Mohammad Nazeer from Khamariya Khurd in Mirjapur in Silwani tehsil of Raisen district in Madhya Pradesh is suggesting traditional treatment for hole in heart problem in young children who are getting more affected by this disease these days. He says he has a herb called Nagar Bel which is rare these days which he gives with milk and honey. One should take it 5 times and then go for Sonography to check improvement. If it has not helped then he gives it for 11 times. Mohammad Nazeer@8305882238.

Posted on: Dec 01, 2015. Tags: MOHAMMAD NAZEER

Fast demanding betterment of road connecting Maharashtra-Chhattisgarh...

Mohammed Khan of Ekta Parishad is calling from Rajnandgaon in Chhattisgarh and says that people in Chouki area have been fighting from years for betterment of a road that connects Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh through Rajnandgaon but none from Govt responded. They have decided to sit for fast until death from 8th October with the support of Ekta Parishad and other voluntary organizations of the region.Mohammed Khan@9424138435


NREGA in Rajasthan: We got less than half of the prescribed rate, Pls help...

अकील मोहम्मद ग्राम टांडाखुर्द जिला बूंदी राजस्थान से कहते हैं कि इनके ग्राम में नरेगा के अंतर्गत दो महीनो तक काम चलाया गया,जिसके वेतन के भुगतान में मजदूरों को 68 रुपये प्रतिदिन की दर से दिया गया. जबकि दर 149 रू है.वेतन के कम भुगतान के संदर्भ में कोई अधिकारी संतोषप्रद जवाब नहीं दे पा रहा है आपसे अनुरोध है कि इस मामले के समाधान हेतु एसडीएम को 09413975496 पर काल करें| अधिक जानकारी के लिए अकील मोहम्मद जी से 8305344976 इस नम्बर पर संपर्क किया जा सकता है .

Posted on: Jul 23, 2013. Tags: AKEEL MOHAMMAD NREGA

Fish dying in Kelo river in Raigarh from last 3/4 days, Needs investigation...

Mohammad Afsar from Raigarh district in Chhattisgarh is telling us that in Kelo river people are witnessing dead fish from last 3/4 days. The dead fish also include big fish of 4/5 kilograms. First we thought it was a natural process but it is continuing from last 3/4 days so it needs investigation. More than 10 quintal of fish have died so far. This could be for pollution from nearby factories or someone may have put poison in water. For more Afsar Ji can be reached at 09981763123

Posted on: Mar 12, 2013. Tags: MOHAMMAD AFSAR RAIGARH

Officer harassing RTI activist trying to expose corruption

Mohammad Anwar from Dhanbad in Jharkhand is telling story of a RTI activist Ashok Bhuiyan who applied for some information to expose corruption in Anganwadis. The officer invited him to his office and misbehaved with him. Mr Bhuiyan has filed a police case against the officer and now the officer has also filed a case against the RTI activist. The activists will sit on a sit in dharna on 27th to protest and he requests all RTI activists and people conceerned with corruption to participate. For more Anwar ji can be reached at 09234775292

Posted on: Apr 21, 2012. Tags: Mohammad Anwar

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