Cycle Yatra in Bundelkhand to study situation of development and education

Mastram is talking to Ashok Sinha of National Confederation of Dalit Orgs in Jhansi who tells him about their month long Vikas Adhikar cycle yatra which will visit 500 villages in 13 districts in MP and UP. They will bring out a Bundelkhand Declaration at the end on 24th January which will be presented to all political parties for next general elections. The yatra will also visit all the schools in these villages to study the situation of education in remote Bundelkhand villages. Mastram Ji @9981651831

Posted on: Dec 21, 2013. Tags: Mastram Bundelkhand

Influential people capturing Govt land, Distribute them to poor, dalit, adivasi

Mastram is visiting Bori village in Tikamgarh district in Madhya Pradesh and found people agitating about an influential family capturing Govt land in common use. The family has captured pond and road as well. Agitated villagers have given memorandum to local officials but no action. He says it is becoming a common scene all over the state and Govt must distribute these lands among poor landless dalits and adivasis. For more Mastram is at 09981651831

Posted on: Dec 12, 2013. Tags: LAND MASTRAM BUNDELKHAND

AIDS patients up 5 fold in 5 years mainly among migrant laborers in MP dist

Mastram from Tikamgarh district in Bundelkhand says though Govt has spent lakhs of rupees for AIDS awareness, the number of HIV +ve patients in last last five years have grown 5 folds. The increase is found mainly in Jatawa and Baldevgarh blocks of the district from where lots of people migrate to other areas in search of work. He says better efforts should be made in future to stop spread of this deadly disease. For more Mastram is at 09981651831

Posted on: Dec 01, 2013. Tags: Mastram Bundelkhand

Why no importance for public transport which helps poor, women and sick...

Mastram Ji in Tikamgarh district in Madhya Pradesh is visiting Kari village today which is 11 km from the district headquarter. He says the Gram Panchayat has been converted to a Nagar panchayat but the village does not have any public transport to connect to the district headquarter. He says poor, women and sick suffer the most. They say after independence no public transport came to their village. For more Mastram Ji is at 08096354130

Posted on: Nov 21, 2013. Tags: Mastram Bundelkhand

Sound system of candidates confiscated to stop pollution,People very happy

Mastram from Niwadi in Tikamgarh district in Madhya Pradesh says though we have heard of many violation of Model code of conduct this election but today officials have confiscated two DJs being used for campaign of Congress and BSP candidates. The officials told that the permission is there for 5 decible of sound and not more. He says people specially sick and old are very happy by this action and hope this will be followed in other areas too. Mastram is at 9755009512

Posted on: Nov 18, 2013. Tags: Mastram Bundelkhand

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