School handpump broken from year, complaints to officers don't help, pls call...

Laxman Singh Davar is calling from Athava village of Badi Begalgaon Panchayat, Sondwa block, Alirajpur district MP to report about a broken hand pump in a middle school with 500 students. With the hand pump broken for over a year, students need to walk across road to get water, which may lead to an accident. Written and in-person appeals to officials have yielded no response. We request you to call PHE officer@7354055388, Collector@9926581715. Davar@9753856268.


वन से अपना जीवन, वन ही अपना प्राण हैं...वन पर कविता

ग्राम-बंजारी, जिला-सिवनी, मध्यप्रदेश से लक्ष्मण कुमार वन पर एक कविता सुना रहे हैं :
वन से अपना जीवन, वन ही अपना प्राण हैं
वन समितियों के माध्यम से, इन्हें बचाना आन है
वन अपने हैं, कब्जा इन पर , कोई व्यक्ति नहीं कर ले
वन्य जीव हैं मित्र ! न इनका कोई भी शिकार कर ले
हर अवैध धंधे पर रखना, अंकुश अपना धर्म है
हो ना अवैध चराई-कटाई, खनन न चोर कोई कर ले
वन से अपना जीवन, वन ही अपने प्राण हैं
हम रक्षक अपने जंगल के, भक्षक को मार भगाएंगे
लकड़ी-बल्ली-बाँस मुफ्त रूप में, हम जंगल से पाएंगे
वन दोहन से प्राप्त राशि का, अंश प्राप्त होगा हमको
अपने जंगल में मंगल हम, मिलकर सभी मनाएंगे
वन से अपना जीवन, वन ही अपने प्राण हैं
वन समितियों के माध्यम से, इन्हें बचाना आन है

Posted on: Oct 19, 2014. Tags: Laxman Kumar

Our adivasi village has no road, very difficult to move in rains, Pls call officers...

Ankit Padwar is talking to Laxman Prasad of Kumharvar village post Gurai tahsil Ramnagar Satna district of MP. He says there village is a majority adivasi village where around 200 families live. They give application to officials every few months but no one helps them with a road. The situation becomes very difficult in rainy season when you live or die you can’t come out of village. Pls call Sarpanch@8982155172 and secretary@9425884835. Ankit@9770061760

Posted on: Jul 20, 2014. Tags: LAXMAN PRASAD ROAD

First it was Congress, Now we have a new state but when will we get a road...

My name is B Laxman Rao. I am calling from Gondagudem village, Kotapalli panchayat in Chinturu mandal of Khammam district in Andhra Pradesh. Our village is inside forest and we have no road. If anybody is sick we need to carry them on cot for 2 kms. We requested everyone. Earlier it was Congress govt. Now we also have a new state called Telangana but when will we get a road. Pls help us. For more Mr Rao can be reached at 9441418507

Posted on: May 28, 2014. Tags: B LAXMAN RAO GONDI ROAD

We Adivasis have no Water, Ration-NREGA cards, Anganwadi, Please help...

Laxman is calling from Bajipuram Colony, Chodavaram Village, VM Banjara Mandal, Khammam District of Andhra Pradesh and says in his Gondi language that We are 40 Adivasi families here who have no proper drinking water.We are drinking stream water.We have no ration card and NREGA cards.We have so many small children but we have no Anganwadi School. our people are suffering with many diseases. Please help us. Laxman is at 9553276680


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