Road is 6 kms from our village, need a connecting road, officers don't listen...

Kalawati traveling with CGnet Swara Citizen Journalism Awareness Yatra has reached Kuthupankhna village in Bijdhand panchayat in Podi Uproda block of Korba district in Chhattisgarh where villagers tell her that there village is 6 kms from road and it is difficult to walk as there is no road in forest. They are requesting officers from long but no one listens. You are requested to call Collector@09425270044 to help suffering people. Villagers Ramlal@07566816037, Ramnarayan@08120811431

Posted on: Oct 25, 2015. Tags: KALAWATI GARHEWAL ROAD

No bridge on river, It is difficult to cross, need to carry sick when river is full...

Kalawati Garhewal is talking to Anup Prasad who is from Maheshpur village and panchayat in Premnagar block of Surajpur district in Chhattisgarh who tells her that there is no bridge on the river and people of 4-5 villages are suffering. If someone falls ill it is difficult to take them to hospital. This was complained to officials many times but no one is paying attention. You are requested to call Collector@7775266117, CEO@8438956694 to help . For more information you can reach villager Mr Prasad@7697471613.

Posted on: Oct 14, 2015. Tags: Kalawati Garhewal

We've poles from many years but they're not erected so we still live in dark...

We have poles from many years but they are not erected so we are living in dark says villagers from Tankipara and Belpokhra under Trikunda village and panchayat in Ramchandrapur block of Balrampur district in Chhattisgarh. This was complained in panchayat including electric dept but officers give only false assurance say villagers to Kalawati Garhewal. You are requested to call Electric Dept Officer@07831273830 to help. Villagers Manoj@09753938083, Dayashankar@9575250663.

Posted on: Oct 11, 2015. Tags: Kalawati Garhewal

Bridge on stream connecting to road need repair, road also in bad condition...

Our village is 5 kilometers from the road and there is a stream in between and bridge need repair. The path gets very muddy and it is very difficult for children to go to school and us to go to market say villagers of Bhitiyahi village and panchayat of Ramsundarpur block and Balrampur district in Chhattisgarh to Kalawati Garhewal. We are requesting local officers from long. You are requested to call SDO@9926366225 to help build the road. Villager Jairam@7692888032, Vrikshram@7354382062.

Posted on: Oct 09, 2015. Tags: KALAWATI GARHEWAL ROAD

Both handpumps in village broken from 3 months, walk 2 kms to get water...

Kalawati Garhewal is visiting Linepara village of Khadiadamar panchayat of Balrampur district in Chhattisgarh and talking to villagers who tell her that there are 2 hand pumps in the village but both are broken from 3 months. Villagers need to go 2 kilometers to get water from below the hill. Officers are not paying attention. You are requested to call Public Health and Engineering Dept Officers@9009986325, 9926943761 to help. Villager Suresh@9827547874.


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