आपका स्वास्थ्य आपके मोबाइल में: प्रारम्भिक मधुमेह में लाभकारी नुस्खा

In first stage of Diabetes: As per Vaid Harish bhai Chawda from Gundardehi village in Balod district of Chhattisgarh taking 1 spoon shadow dried powder of 100 gms Bel (Aegle marmelos) leaves , 100 gms Jamun (Java plum) leaves, 50 gms Neem leaves, 25 gms Sitafal (Custard apple) leaves & 50 gms Basil(Tulsi) leaves and 100 gms Shilajeet (Mumijo) with cold water every morning in empty stomach is useful in controlling Diabetes. For more please contact Vaid Harish Chawda@9893765366

Posted on: Sep 03, 2016. Tags: Harish Chawda

आपका स्वास्थ्य आपके मोबाइल में: खाँसी का पारंपरिक उपचार

Take Licorice & Trikut (mixture of black peeper, dry ginger & long pepper) in equal ratio and after adding jaggery make gram sized pills. Taking 2 pills with lukewarm water twice a day is useful. If you get no benefit by doing so, buy Potash alum from local market & inflate it on hot pan & grind well until fine powder is formed. Taking 1 pinch of this powder with one spoon honey is beneficial says Vaidya Harish Chawda from village Gundardehi in Balod district of Chhattisgarh@9893765366

Posted on: Aug 21, 2016. Tags: Harish Chawda

आपका स्वास्थ्य आपके मोबाइल में: सफ़ेद और झड़ते बालों का पारंपरिक उपचार

In Hair loss: As per vaid Harish Chawda of Balod, Chhatisgarh soak 2 Ritha (Sapindus) overnight. Add 50 gms Honey to 100 gms Onion juice and after mixing properly keep this mixture in any glass bottle. At bed time gently massaging hair roots using this mixture & in the morning washing your hairs by using sapindus (Ritha) soaked water is effective in grey hair and hair loss problems. After this treatment your hair will become smooth and silky as well. Swasthya Swara@8602008999

Posted on: Jan 29, 2015. Tags: Harish Chawda

आपका स्वास्थ्य आपके मोबाइल में: घुटनों और जोड़ो की सूजन का पारंपरिक उपचार

In Joint & Knee inflammation: Vaid Harish Chawda from Gundardehi village, Balod district Chhattisgarh says Grind 80 gms detoxified Bhilwa (Semecarpus anacardium) also known marking nut, 50 gms Jaggery, 10 gms flower of Toothache plant, 10 gms dried Ginger & 10 gms Malkangani (Celastrus paniculatus) and after proper mixing make 125 milligram sized pills. Taking this pills in 2 pills quantity twice a day with lukewarm water is beneficial. Swasthya Swara@8602008999

Posted on: Jan 19, 2015. Tags: Harish Chawda

आपका स्वास्थ्य आपके मोबाइल में: जोड़ो के दर्द का पारंपरिक घरेलू उपचार

In Joint pain: Harish Chawda from Gundardehi, Balod district Chhattisgarh is telling us traditional remedy for joint pains. Make fine powder of 100 gms Kulanjan (Alpinia galanga), 100 gms dried Ginger, 20 gms Black pepper & 50 gms Turmeric & after adding little Jaggery make small pills (Approx. 3 gms each). Taking this 1 pill empty stomach twice a day continuously for 2 months is useful for getting relief in Joint pain. Swasthya Swara@8602008999

Posted on: Jan 16, 2015. Tags: Harish Chawda

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