Agents abducting, selling transiting adivasis in Bhadrachalam AP

Dr Haneef in Bhadrachalam meets an adivasi from Odisha who was crying while walking alone in the forest. He tells him that a group of them from Matli in Malkangiri district in Odisha were going to Chennai for work but some agents brought them out from bus and have taken them away, only he could escape. Dr Haneef says that this has become a daily occurance in Bhadrachalam where agents are selling adivasis transiting to other areas which administration must look at. For more Dr Haneef can be reached at 09490353568

Posted on: Jul 19, 2012. Tags: Dr Haneef

AP Forest dept again burns houses of adivasis from Chhattisgarh

Dr SK Haneef from Khammam district on border of Chhattisgarh and Andhra Pradesh is telling us that forest department has put fire to 20 houses of adivasis who came from Chhattisgarh 5 years ago due to political unrest in their state. These Internally displaced people ( IDPs) were living in reserve forest area in Andhra Pradesh. Forest officials have also taken away their belongings after razing their houses. Last month also forest department had burnt IDP adivasi houses in similar fashion nearby. For more Dr Haneef can be reached at 09490353568

Posted on: Jul 02, 2012. Tags: CHHATTISGARH DR HANEEF FOREST

Request for help for adivasi IDPs whose houses were burnt

Dr Haneef from Sitara NGO in Andhra Pradesh says as you know on 27th March forest department has burnt houses of 40 Internally Displaced Adivasis in the reserve forest in Khammam district. These adivasis came to Andhra from Chhattisgarh to esacpe ongoing war in their home. We have started a rehabilitation center for these adivasis and need your support to run it. It will cost us Rs 25,000 to feed them for one month. For more please contact Dr Haneef at 09490353568

Posted on: Mar 31, 2012. Tags: Dr Haneef

Forest dept burns 40 huts of Chhattisgarh tribals in Andhra

Dr Haneef from Andhra- Chhattisgarh border is telling us that today some forest officials came with more than 100 forest guards and burnt down 40+ huts of Interneally Displaced people ( IDP) tribals. These Chhattisgarh tribals are living in the reserve forest due to ongoing war in Chhattisgarh and they look for work in nearby areas for their survival. After the fire incident many women and children have run away in the forest and not tracable now. He requests all of us for helping these hapless people in trouble. For more please contact Dr Haneef at 09490353568

Posted on: Mar 27, 2012. Tags: CHHATTISGARH DR HANEEF FOREST

Impact: Cheated tribal to get legal help after Swara report

After listening to the Swara report about the cheating of a tribal labour by a contractor, Dr Haneef of Sitara got many phone calls for help. He says Aid India has promised legal help. The tirbals displaced from Chhattisgarh and Orissa are being cheated on an ongoing basis, and need much help in the neigboring state. For more please contact Dr Haneef at 9490353568

Posted on: Mar 19, 2012. Tags: Dr Haneef

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