Impact: Officials reach Baiga village to investigate after Swara report

DhruvJi from Mandla in MP is telling us that he had reported few days back about arrest of Baiga adivasis and effort from Govt to take away their land. He wants to inform that yesterday there was a special Gram Sabha and today collector,DFO,SP and revenue officilas are reaching the village to investigate. He thanks us for calling the officials on his request and requests to continue the pressure. For more Dhruvji can be reached at 08225955682

Posted on: May 21, 2013. Tags: Dhruv Mandla

Forest dept arrested vegetarian Baiga adivasis as threat to wildlife!

Dhruv bhai is telling us about vegetarian Baiga adivasis of Mathna village in Mawai region of Mandla district in MP who have got arrested as threat to wildlife. Last year when these adivasis demanded land rights under Forest Rights act forest dept had destroyed their crop. Forest dept also says they are getting support from Naxals. You are requested to call DFO at 07642-252423. For more Dhruvji can be reached at 09981215876

Posted on: May 18, 2013. Tags: DHRUV MANDLA FOREST

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