No road in our Adivasi village, patients, children suffer most, Pls call officers...

Dilip Behera travelling with CGNet Swara Citizen Journalism Awareness Yatra has reached Turiguda village of Batelima Panchayat, Lanjigarh block, Kalahandi district in Odisha and talking to Pungrimaji who says in Kui language that they don’t have a road to their village. For patients, school going children and villagers it is difficult to travel. It will be helpful a road is laid till Panchayat Batelima. They request listeners to call BDO@9437410396. Dilip Behera@9937789593.

Posted on: Apr 11, 2016. Tags: DILIP BEHERA KUI ROAD

Govt helped dig borewells but waiting for electricity connection from 2 years...

Dilip Kumar Behera is visiting Temri village and panchayat in Paikmal block of Bargad district in Odisha and talking to Keshav Sahu who tells him that 4 of them dug 4 bore wells in 2013 with help from Govt. They also deposited Rs 1900. But electrification work has not been done till date. They are suffering at the time of drought and are requesting us to call Collector@9438736379 and Engineer@9438040794 to help them.For more you can reach Dilip@9937789593.

Posted on: Dec 17, 2015. Tags: DILIP BEHERA ELECTRICITY

Rs 5 lakhs was spent last year but road to our village remains in bad shape...

Dilip Kumar Behera is calling from Khurshapally village post Temri in Paikmal block of Bargarh district in Odisha and talking to villagers who tell him in Odia that Rs 5 lakhs was spent on connecting road to their village last year but it remains in bad condition. If someone fall ill it is difficult to take them to hospital because ambulance can not reach. It is difficult for children to go to school. You are requested to call BDO@9437154877 and Collector@9438736379 to help.Dilip@9937789593

Posted on: Aug 15, 2015. Tags: DILIP BEHERA ROAD

I'm 84 and alone, not getting old age pension from Govt, Please call officers...

Dilip kumar Behera visiting Temri village and panchayat, in block Paikmal of Bargarh district in Orissa and talking to Rajna Ji who is 84 years old. He is requesting for old age support from Govt from 10 years. He also has no family and takes shelter in someone else’s house. He says two sarpanchs (village head) has changed but none have helped him. You are requested to call Block Development Officer@9853786203 to help this old man. For more Dilip@9937789593.

Posted on: Jul 04, 2015. Tags: Dilip Behera

Low voltage from 6 months, not able to irrigate crops, officers not listening...

Dilip Behera is calling from Sulah village of Paikmal block, Bargarh district in Odisha and talking to farmers in the village who tell him in Odia that from past 6 months they couldn’t irrigate crops because of low voltage which is insufficient to run the bore wells and are suffering huge losses. They have been running after electricity officers but they don’t pay attention. They appeal listeners to call Electrical SDO@9437262531 to help them so they can do their farming. Dilip@9937789593.

Posted on: Mar 26, 2015. Tags: Dilip Behera

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