March to save river Damodar in Jharkhand, Bihar and Bengal...

Naim Ejaz in Dhanbad is talking to environmentalist Ramchandra Nawani who is telling him about a yatra they are starting along the bank of Damodar river in Jharkhand, Bihar and Bengal. They will arrange seminars with people to tell them how the dam and coal mining has destroyed the river and have affected people dependent on it. He says still situation can be improved and people should support their movement. For more Naim Ji can be reached at 09939181231

Posted on: Jan 10, 2013. Tags: Naim Dhanbad

An interview with a Jharkhand para teacher who are on strike from a month

On completion of one month of continuing strike of para teachers of Jharkhand Naim Ejaz speaks to one para teacher Mr Riyazuddin who tells him that govt is not concerned about education of children. Due to now month long strike of para teachers education system of the state has crashed. He says para teachers had raised the same demands of regularisation, pay hike and paid leave as done in other states and had stopped their agitation on an assurance which has bot been fulfilled after a year. For more Naim Ji can be reached at 09939181231

Posted on: Sep 29, 2012. Tags: EDUCATION NAIM DHANBAD

Dam on Damodar killed the river, destroyed people who lived on it...

Naim Ejaz from Dhanbad in Jharkhand is talking to veteran social worker and environmentalist Ramchandra Rawani who tells him that dam on Damodar has killed the river and also destroyed the people who lived on it. He says in 1952 when the dam was built 71,000 acre land was taken, 1,70,000 people were displaced and people were given hopes of a better life. Coupled with mining the dam has killed the natural flow of the river and people have neither got irrigation nor drinking water. For more Naim Ji can be reached at 09939129275

Posted on: Aug 04, 2012. Tags: Naim Dhanbad

Neo literate woman says women can conquer any heights...

Naim from Dhanbad is attending district level meeting of Bharat Gyan Vigyan Samiti where a neo literate woman Sutri Devi was also elected in executive committee. Surti Devi tells him that she picks coal for her livelihood. She helps women in her area with problems in old age pension and BPL card etc.She says we now have 50% reservation for women and we should use it.She says it was tough for her to come up to the district level but women like her can also become MLA, MP. She lost last time but next time she will win with bigger margin. For more Naim ji can be reached at 09939181231

Posted on: Jun 18, 2012. Tags: Naim Dhanbad

Gave land for coal mining, now no electricity for months...

Naim Ji from Dhanbad is visiting a village where he meets Kalyani Roy who is telling him that there is no electricity in their village from last 2 months and authorities just do not listen. She says they lost their land to coal mining but the company does not care for them neither does Jharkhand government. She says very few people have got BPL cards in her village and people are getting almost no help from any development schemes but the biggest problem at the moment in summer is electricity. For more Naim Ji can be reached at 09939181231


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