We're landless so we don't get support in many Govt schemes, Pls help us...

Chhotu Adivasi is calling from Bhumi Adhikar Yatra ( Land right march) demanding 5 acre land to each landless dalit and adivasi. The Yatra has reached Khapariha village in Semaria tehsil of Sirmor block of Rewa district in MP where he meets landless men and women who tell him that they are living in the village for many years but they have not got any land and being landless they don’t get any support of of many Govt schemes. For more Chhotu@8120459400

Posted on: Jul 20, 2014. Tags: Chhotu Adivasi SONG VICTIMS REGISTER

Displaced by Bargi dam in 81 still waiting for compensatory agriculture land...

Chhotu Adivasi traveling with Bhumi Adhikar Yatra has reached Sargavantola in Nishatpur village of Jabalpur district in Madhya Pradesh. In this village of over 500 dalits and adivasis many were displaced by Bargi dam in early 1980s but have got only a piece of land to make residence. They are still waiting for land for cultivation and are running pillar to post to get the same. They request for help. For more Chhotu Ji can be reached at 8120459400

Posted on: Mar 09, 2014. Tags: CHHOTU ADIVASI LAND

Company has captured land but villagers frightened to go to court for justice...

Chhotu Adivasi traveling with Bhumi Adhikar Yatra started on 1st January has reached Chhiri village in Jabalpur district in MP where he finds that a company has taken hundreds of acres of land from villagers and Sarpanch has taken all their land deeds. They are also threatening to break their houses. He says in the area many lost their land also to Bargi dam and many are still waiting to get land in return but they are frightened to demand justice . Chhotu@8120459400

Posted on: Mar 08, 2014. Tags: CHHOTU ADIVASI LAND

These Adivasis live in forests in MP but dont know about Forest Rights Act...

Chhotu Adivasi traveling with Bhumi Adhikar Yatra from last one year today has reached village Sejha in block Badwara of Katni district in Madhya Pradesh. He says 300 dalit and adivasi families live here in the forest but they do not know about forest rights act. They dont have any land rights neither they have applied. Local officials often harass them because they want to give the land for stone mining. Pls help these people. Chhotu Ji can be reached at 8965823623

Posted on: Feb 25, 2014. Tags: CHHOTU ADIVASI FOREST

Adivasis get Rs 95 per day in NREGA, Have not got land under Forest Rights...

Chhotu Adivasi traveling with Bhumi Adhikar Yatra of Rashtriya Dalit Mahsabha has reached Bavangava village in block Barwara of Katni district in MP where Adivasis tell him that though they live in forest they havent got land deeds under forest rights act. No one has land and are completely dependent on labor work. Under NREGA they get only Rs 95 after day’s work ( against Govt rate of Rs 146). You are requested to raise it with authorities. Chhotu@8965823623

Posted on: Feb 23, 2014. Tags: CHHOTU ADIVASI FOREST LAND NREGA

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