Bultoo (Bluetooth) Radio from Bihar in Bhojpuri language: 30th April 2017...

Today Chhotelal and Mohan Singh are presenting a Bultoo Radio program in Bhojpuri language from Bihar in this latest edition of Bultoo radio. Villagers use their mobile phones to record these songs and reports. They call 08050068000 to record. Now this program can be downloaded by people from their Gram Panchayat office if it has Broadband or from a download center nearby. They can also get it from someone nearby with smartphone and internet and then via Bluetooth.

Posted on: Apr 30, 2017. Tags: CHHOTELAL MOHAN SINGH

Only handpump broken from 3 months, drinking dirty water, falling ill, pls help...

Chhotelal Basaud is calling from Pogalla Loni village under Chhataini panchayat in Jaba block of Rewa district in Madhya Pradesh and says only handpump in the village is broken from 3 months so they are forced to drink dirty water from nullah and falling ill. They have complained to Public Health and Engineering Dept but no action has been taken. You are requested to call P.H.E. officer@ 9425677264 to help suffering people. Chhotelal Basaud@9755656919

Posted on: Feb 13, 2015. Tags: CHHOTELAL BASAUD HANDPUMP WATER

सीजीनेट मा रे,समस्या बताओ सीजीनेट मा रे...एक गीत

छोटेलाल कुम्हरे ग्राम-इलाही,पंचायत-लाटो, मंडला,मध्यप्रदेश से सीजीनेट पर आधारित एक स्वरचित गीत गा रहे हैं :
सीजीनेट मा रे ,हाय सीजीनेट मा हाय
समस्या बताओ,सीजीनेट मा रे
08050068000 सीजीनेट के नंबर हवे
भाई-बहना सुनलो,सीजीनेट मा रे
समस्या बताओ,सीजीनेट मा रे
सारा मोहल्ला,गावं-गली के समस्या बताओ
हाय रे समस्या बताओ
सीजीनेट के माध्यम से अरे सबे ला सुनावा
समस्या बताओ,सीजीनेट मा रे
सीजीनेट मा रे ,हाय सीजीनेट मा हाय

Posted on: Aug 14, 2014. Tags: Chhotelal Kumhre

MP workers in Tamilnadu not being paid for 3 months, Pls call contractor...

Chotelal Rajak resident of Koli village, Anuppur district MP is currently working in NDCL company power plant in Tamil Nadu from last one year. He and his co-workers have not received their salaries for 3 months and have pleaded many times to the Project Manager and the Contractor for the same.Their is a language barrier as the workers only understand Hindi. They request us to please call Contractor Grish@08086852044.Chhotelal Rajak @09094864877

Posted on: Aug 09, 2014. Tags: Chhotelal Rajak

Jairam Ramesh told us problems will be solved in 6 months, Nothing in 18...

Chhotelal Singh village Banchachar post Masira thana Jaisinghnagar district Shahdol in MP says that they are Gond adivasis and living on forest land from 1972 and have land deeds for the same. But forest dept harass them and have been destroying their crop from last 5 years every year. They went on foot march with Ekta Parishad last year minister Jairam Ramesh promised that within 6 months problems will be solved but nothing so far. Chhotelal@7748051696

Posted on: Apr 28, 2014. Tags: Chhotelal Singh

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