गरीब मज़दूर बैंक की लाइन में खड़े हैं और पूजीपतियों को पिछले दरवाजे से धन पहुंचाया जा रहा है...

मध्यप्रदेश जिला रीवा से भारतीय जनता पार्टी से सम्बद्ध भारतीय मज़दूर संघ के बृजेश सिंह बता रहे हैं कि नोट बदलने का फैसला अहम है जिसे इसके पहले किसी प्रधानमंत्री ने नहीं लिया था । वर्तमान में आम जनता को थोड़ी दिक्कतों का सामना करना पड़ रहा है पर वे नाखुश नहीं हैं । पर जहां एक ओर गरीब और मज़दूर बैंकों के सामने लाइन लगाकर खड़े हैं पूंजीपति वर्ग के लोग किसी प्रकार से बैंको तक अपने पहुच बनाकर नोट परिवर्तन करने में सफलता ले रहे है प्रधानमंत्री को इस दिशा में ध्यान देना चाहिए । वे बैंकों पर कड़ी से कड़ी निगरानी रखकर व्यवस्था में सुधार तथा अंकुश लाने की सुझाव दे रहे है जिससे गरीबों की नाराज़गी न बढे । बृजेश सिंह@8359810290

Posted on: Dec 18, 2016. Tags: BRIJESH SINGH

Police taking no action against perpetrators of violence, allege village women...

Brijesh is reporting from Commissioner office in Rewa MP where a group of women are sitting on strike. They are from Hatwa village in Mauganj block and are complaining about police inaction. In one case they allege that a girl was killed by her in laws but police has taken no action. Another woman says they were beaten on land dispute. Please call Commissioner@9425088190, Collector@9425903973 to activate police. For more Sushil@9584638868. Brijesh@7772001850

Posted on: Jul 25, 2016. Tags: BRIJESH SINGH

Impact: Thanks, after recording message on Swara we got our wages next day...

Brijesh Singh is calling from Rewa MP to say that he had called yesterday to complain that 13 workers from Byohari village had worked for constructing 100 toilets under Swachchh Bharat mission but contractors not only did not give them their complete wages but were beating them when asked for rest of money. He is happy to share that after he recorded a message on Swara contractor has paid entire money next day and all the laborers are very happy and will now go home with their full wages. Singh@8602993056

Posted on: May 28, 2016. Tags: BRIJESH SINGH

Swachchh Bharat: Worked on making toilets, contractor beats if ask for money...

13 of us worked for 15 days for digging pits of 100 toilets in Shivpurha village in Rewa district of Madhya Pradesh but when we go to ask for wages contractors beat us up, complains Bahadur Prasad Loni and other laborers from Byohari. You are requested to call the contractors@8823815635 and 9993171651 to check why he is not giving money. Please also call Collector@9425903973 and District CEO@8719000473 to help. For more Bahadur Prasan Loni@ 9630153585 and Brijesh@8602993056

Posted on: May 25, 2016. Tags: BRIJESH SINGH

In the middle of a drought names of 80 Dalits have been removed from PDS...

Brijesh Singh from Jaba block in Rewa district in Madhya Pradesh is visiting Bhadara village where he finds that in the middle of a drought when crops have failed names of 80 dalits have been removed from the list of public distribution system. They are not getting any subsidized grain from 4 months when they have almost nothing to eat at home. You are requested to call Collector@9425903973 and CEO@9425847145 to help these suffering people. For more Brijesh@7089786134

Posted on: May 09, 2016. Tags: Brijesh Singh

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