Brick kiln owner taking away village crematorium, please help

Bineshwar Nayak from Kangi village in Ramgarh district in Jharkhand is telling us about their fight to save their collective land which was also used as crematorium. Five months back some influential people started digging the area for a brick kiln and many skeletons came out of the earth. People were angry and complained to police and person was jailed. But after that the person using money power has not only come out of jail but now have got the deeds for the land. Villagers are hurt and needs your help. For more Nayak Ji can be reached at 08409482115

Posted on: Jun 16, 2012. Tags: Bineshwar Nayak

No roads, so village boys not getting offers for marriage...

Bineshwar Nayak from Kangi village in Ramgarh district of Jharkhand says there is a population of 1500 in 5 villages near by who are waiting for a road in Pradhanmantri Grameen Sadak ojna from ages. Earlier there was no school so many could not study but now each children are studying but they can not go out beacause of lack of roads. He says the villages are not getting proposal of marriages because of the lack of road and that is the major stumble for their development. For more Nayak ji can be reached at 08409482115

Posted on: Jun 16, 2012. Tags: Bineshwar Nayak

Govt college charging double the fee for admission form

Bineshwar Nayak from Ramgarh in Jharkhand is telling us that in Ramgarh government college officials are charging Rs 100 for an admision form whereas the cost of the form is Rs 50. This is going on for last 3 years but no one is protesting. When any student raises this question they are asked to go to some other college. He says there are many students who are from poor background and government college is the only place where they can study and this corruption is affecting them. For more Bineshwar can be reached at 08409482115

Posted on: Jun 11, 2012. Tags: Bineshwar Nayak

Comes election and flows promises but what after that?

Mandu in district Ramgarh of Jharkhand goes to polls on 30th November.Their legislator Eklavya Mahto died of a heart attack 3 months back, forcing mid term elections.
Campaigning is in full swing. All parties are making promises for a golden future.The honorable ministers have arrived to lead grand rallies. Money is flowing too. People are skeptical. Their experience has taught them that once the elections are over, the promises shall be forgotten. The seat of power corrupts. For more Bineshwar can be reached at 08409482115
Bineshwar Naik wonders if this time will be any better.
To contact him, please call 8409482115

Posted on: Nov 26, 2011. Tags: Bineshwar Nayak

There should be strict punishment againt urinating in open

Bineshwar Nayak says there are so many laws but it looks not many are respected in cities. I am in Ranchi today and I can see that Public toilets are almost unusable and males are urinating in public everywhere. It is very difficult for women to walk on the road without witnessing male urinating. Sometimes boys are not ashamed of urinating in front of women. I think there should be strong punishment for such acts. Mr Nayak can be reached at 07870784268

Posted on: Nov 01, 2011. Tags: Bineshwar Nayak

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