Govt breaks peoples houses without making proper alternative arrangements

Bhagirath Verma is visiting Kalinganagar basti of Raipur in Chhattisgarh and talking to residents whose houses have been broken by the administration. People tell him that they have been given alternative accomodation far away from the city where the facilities are not upto the mark. He demands that no houses should be demolished and if people need to be relocated they should be given all the facilities first. For more Bhagirath Ji can be reached at 09039142049

Posted on: Dec 09, 2012. Tags: Bhagirath Verma

Laborers demand reduced Iron ore rate for Indian Steel mill owners...

My name is Bhagirath Verma. I am calling from Chhattisgarh Mukti Morcha. I want to bring to your notice that our Govt is selling Iron ore to China and Japan at the rate of Rs 900 per tonne whereas the Iron ore is sold to Indian companies at Rs 5500 per tonne. Due to this many sponge iron and small steel plants have got closed. We demand that state should be selling Iron ore at Rs 900 to Indian companies and at Rs 5500 to foreign companies. Otherwise laborers will be forced to stand with the mill owners. For more Verma Ji can be reached at 09039142049

Posted on: Nov 24, 2012. Tags: Bhagirath Verma

Request to follow the path of Coal satyagraha and take control of all mining...

My name is Bhagirath Verma. I am calling from Raipur in Chhattisgarh. I support the breaking of Coal law in Gare village in Raigarh. I request all adivasis to do similar act in their villages and take control of the minerals beneath their lands. I have heard that administration is planning to put a case of illegal mining on the villager of Gare. I protest this. The villagers of Gare are following the path of Gandhi and that is the correct path. For more Verma Ji can be reached at 09039142049

Posted on: Oct 05, 2012. Tags: BHAGIRATH VERMA COAL MINING

A laborer reacts to opening of Maruti plant near Delhi with added security

My name in Bhagirathi Verma. I read it the paper that Maruti Suzuki plant in Haryana is reopening with induction of huge extra security. We had heard that in British time workers were beaten up to work but the same seems to be continuing in indepnendent India. Maruti is not giving payment to workers for the time factory was closed. We request all of you to please support the just demands of workers. For more Verma ji can be reached at 09039142049

Posted on: Aug 23, 2012. Tags: Bhagirath Verma

A laborer responds to newspaper article by Gandhian on labor movements

My name is Bhagirathi Verma and I am responding to a newspaper article by Gandhian leader Raghu Thakur in Haribhumi newspaper where he says that lately there has been a flood of labor unions not associated by polticial parties and Maoists are making use of these trade unions. I would like to protest and say he is denigrading all such labor unions. I will request him to sit on a hunger fast till death in Jantar Mantar demanding all legitible rights to all the laborers and not make irresponsible comments. For more Verma Ji can be reached at 09039142049

Posted on: Aug 05, 2012. Tags: Bhagirath Verma

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