Impact: 850 farmers getting crop loss compensation after report on Swara...

Arti Valmiki is calling from Basia-Khiria village in Batiagarh block of Damoh district in Madhya Pradesh. She says in March crop were lost in this area after a hailstorm but a survey had found a crop loss of 5%. When she reported about it on Swara, officials came back for another survey and the crop loss was found to be 100%. Now each of 850 farmers are getting a compensation of Rs 15,000 per hectare in this village. All of us thank you for this help. Arti@9993358662

Posted on: Jun 11, 2014. Tags: Artibai Valmiki

Dalit colony with 350 have no hand pump, Please call officers to help them...

Arti Valmiki is calling from Dalit colony in Batiagarh in district Damoh Madhya Pradesh. She says 350 dalits live here but they don’t have a single handpump. They have been requesting for long but officials said they cant help because of model code of conduct of elections. Pls call SDO at 9826432888 and field officer at 9754329786 to help. It is middle of summer and people are fighting here everyday for small amount of water. For more Arti@9993358662

Posted on: May 30, 2014. Tags: Artibai Valmiki

Impact: Thanks to our call on Swara we have a Bore well in our village now...

Arti Valmiki is calling from Batiagarh in Damoh district in MP to say that after her report on Swara on 1st February officials visited their village and have dug a bore well. There is not enough water on the well even after digging 400 feet but the officers have promised to dig more wells after March. She also talks to few villagers who thank all of us who made a call to put pressure on officials.They say it is a huge help as they had to walk long distance before. Arti@9993358662

Posted on: Feb 05, 2014. Tags: Artibai Valmiki

500 of us dont have water source, Need to go km to fetch water, Please help...

Artibai Valmiki is calling from Batiagarh in Damoh district in Madhya Pradesh where a population of 500 are facing water problem though they are living there from 15 years. Complaints to officials do not help and they need to bring water from more than a kilometer where other people are abusive and women are facing huge hardship. You are requested to call officials at 9993949201/9424672845 to help. For more Arti Ji is available at 9993358662

Posted on: Jan 28, 2014. Tags: ARTIBAI VALMIKI WATER

Dalits on collective land not getting Govt support, looking for individul deeds

Aartibai Valmiki is visiting Kanchanpuri village in Damoh district in Madhya Pradesh and finds that in this village of 32 dalit families they got a combined land deed in 1971. Today they do not get Govt support on policies because they do not have individual land deeds. So today these families are mainly dependent on daily wage labor work and rolling bidis. are You are requested to call SDM of Jabera block at 9425793988 to help these families. Aartibai@09993358662

Posted on: Jan 06, 2014. Tags: AARTIBAI VALMIKI LAND

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