NREGA: No wages from 2 years, Contractors are working, Please investigate...

Ajit Kumar is calling from Sambalpur district in Odisha and says he has been meeting NREGA laborers who allege that there are many irregularities in the project and it is a failure. People have not got wages from 2 years. Wages has been given to people who have not worked. Contractors are being used. On some job cards details of work is there but no details of payment. You are requested to call Collector at 9777355594 to inspect and improve. Ajit@9777653511

Posted on: Mar 08, 2014. Tags: AJIT KUMAR NREGA

Govt co-operative not regularising workers from 20 years, Please call officers...

Ajit Panigrahy from Bargarh Dist in Odisha is talking to a contractual worker of Sambalpuri Vastralaya( a Govt cooperative) Srikant Panigrahy in local Kosli language who are sitting in an agitation from more than a week against the management denying them permanent job for 20 years. Listeners are requested to give a call to MD of Sambalpuri Vastralaya@9437052472 and solve this problem. For more you can reach Ajitji@ 9777653511.

Posted on: Mar 06, 2014. Tags: Ajit Panigrahi

साथियो नाचेंगे गायेंगे झूमेंगे बजायेंगे हम...एक गीत

साथियो नाचेंगे गायेंगे झूमेंगे बजायेंगे हम
आज यह उत्सव आ गया ....
अच्छा ठिठोली गुदगुदी किलकारी करे हम
आज यह उत्सव आ गया ....
गीत के ताल में साथियो नाचो रे गाओ रे झूमो रे
एक ही तो है हम एक ही तो है
खुद के मालिक भी धरती के मालिक भी
हम ही तो है हम ही तो है हम ही तो है
बारिश में भीगते हम ही तो है
धूप में जलते हम ही तो है
आंधियो में गर्मियों में सर्दियों में हम ही तो है
झाडी को काट कूटकर खेत बना देते है
खेतो में हल चलाकर बीज उगा देते है
चाहे रुपाई हो चाहे निंदाई हो हम ही तो है

Posted on: Jan 30, 2014. Tags: Ajit Odisha

Gram Sabha meeting without quorum, forged signatures then no RTI reply...

Ajit kumar Panigrahy from Badbrahmani village under Bijepur Block,Bargarh dist, Odisha is telling that an official presided over a Palli Sabha meeting in his village which did not have a quorum but chose Village Labour leaders. Later they got forged signatures for the selection.An RTI application asking details of the meeting have not been replied in 4 months. Pls call PIO Mr Lakhpati Behera at 9937318272 to respect the laws. For more details you can reach Ajitji at 9777653511.

Posted on: Oct 28, 2013. Tags: Ajit Panigrahi

Impact: Work on illegal polluting stone crusher stopped after Swara report...

Ajit Panigrahi is calling from Badbrahmani village in Bargarh district of Odisha. He says in month of September I had recorded a message on Swara that a stone crusher is coming up in our village where no permission from Gram Sabha was taken. We were worried about noise and dust pollution and possible bad impact on our crop. I am glad to share that after the report many called and work on crusher has now stopped. I thank all of you. Ajit Ji is at 09777653511

Posted on: Oct 22, 2013. Tags: Ajit Panigrahi

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